Kitten Checks

Our vets are happy to meet you to offer as much free advice as you need, before you get your first kitten. We can help you to choose the most suitable breed, the right breeder, give advice about what to look for if you are adopting a rescue, and help with all your essential kitten preparation.

The first visit with a new kitten can be for a free, comprehensive health check or for vaccinations. There are some nasty bugs out there, so it’s important to get your kitten properly vaccinated.

We will make a big fuss of your new kitten, show you and your kitten around the clinic to get used to coming to the vets, so it becomes a stress-free environment.

All kittens enter our best start to life program. With Voo Headstart you can get great value too. The program involves completing the course of vaccinations, providing flea and worming treatments and regular monthly check-ups. It’s a meticulously thought-out program, to ensure we detect any developmental problems early. This is the best way to prevent more complicated treatments later in life. Kittens are checked once a month until 6 months of age. For a fixed price, Voo Headstart includes all the essential care needed, including free monthly check-ups and all consultations during the first 6 months.

Kittens need two initial, core vaccinations in their first year, then vaccinations once a year. The first vaccine can be given from 6 weeks, but is usually performed at 8 weeks, so this may have been done by the breeder, or the rescue centre, before you collect your new family member. For more information about vaccinations and what they protect your kitten from click here.

Even if your kitten is not due a vaccination for a few weeks, do bring him or her in for a free health check, preferably within 48 hours of coming home. We can ensure everything is ok, provide free insurance, discuss diet, exercise, neutering, training, and answer any questions you may have.

We will recommend flea and worming treatments which meet the needs of your kitten. As they grow so quickly, we include a weight check in their monthly visit, to ensure we give the correct dosage.